Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where everyone is Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Helping Hands, as the name suggests lifting with hands for helping the society to stand together and spreading happiness. Energetic youths from the Helping Hands Group understand leadership as the legacy is passed on year after year.

Helping Hands has successfully done many events such as charity in Government schools, Shared Birthday Project, volunteering in Jaipur Marathon, Blood Donation Camp, providing donations when needed, and many other noted events, also collaborated with other organizations whenever there is need.

What We Do


— We Build Networks

We Collaborate and build connections with various groups and firms who actively participate in social works and are dedicated to society’s welfare.


— We Strengthen

We work for society, and smiles which are lost behind situations and compulsions. We help them to strengthen their soul to live better lives.


— We Educate

We also work for the betterment of society by helping people to get education. We visit slums and orphanage to provide them primary education and prepare them to choose the right and wrong for themselves.

— We Care

Rather that all the work we take care of people and it is our top most priority. We care for their life; we care for their health; we care for their feelings and many more.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


Our Vision

The Helping Hands Group believe in spreading happiness among all the unprivileged. We are dedicated to serve the society and rise by Lifting up others who can’t help us back.


Our Mission

We contribute in the transformation of unprivileged society to privileged one, by providing help to them through organizing events and activities time-to-time, which creates awareness in others to be responsible citizens of the Society.

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