Shared Birthday Project Edition 1 (17/08/2019)

“Helping other people can be cure, not just for those who are in need, But for your soul as well.”

‘The Shared Birthday Project-Edition 1  was an initiative taken by the The Helping Hands Group, a social society of Poornima Group, to celebrate the birthdays of the children who are unable to do so. The program was attended by DCP Rahul Jain, Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur, as chief guest along with two sadhvini ji from Brahmkumari organisation.

50 orphan children participated in the event. Every soul in the auditorium was moved by the words of Mr. Rahul Singhi and DCP Rahul Jain, the group members were appreciated for this excellent initiative while the children  were inspired to achieve their dreams and grow into a wonderful human being.

Many activities like fashion show were organized by the group which was the most fun part for the children. The objective of these activities was to build confidence in children and to make them comfortable so that they can feel the spark within. The cake was cut and the stationary was distributed.  Later the children danced with their happy faces filling our hearts with the joy of giving.

The event came out as a great success for the team and was well planned and managed by Mr. Ankit Garg and The Helping Hands Group.

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