Shared Birthday Project Edition 2 (12/01/2020)

Children are future of the country, let them grow!

Children are to learn, not to earn; send them to school!

Giving someone a present is one type of generosity.  But, giving your time, your talents or your friendship can make an even bigger difference.

As an initiative to STOP CHILD LABOUR AND CHILD BEGGING, the group organised the event ” THE SHARED BIRTHDAY PROJECT EDITION 2“, venue sponsored by AU bank Jaipur Marathon. Different social groups like Sankalp group of LNMIIT, Decathlon Sports also joined with Helping Hands for the event. They sponsored the Cake and Sports Kit to children. The event was initiated with a Yuva Run in which kids also participated enthusiastically. The birthday of 100 children from the Naya Sawera NGO was celebrated with cake cutting and dance party. Different types of competitions were held for kids where their creativity, wit and their abilities were displayed. The event ended with a lunch which was sponsored by Mr. Gajendra, PV Innovation. This successful event was properly planned and managed by Mr. Ankit Garg and team of The Helping Hands Group.

And we came to our place with lots of sweet and unforgettable memories.

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