Covid Resources Drive (28/04/2021 – 28/05/2021)

On 28 April 2021, the Helping Hands Group started the covid drive under the guidance of Shubham Toshniwal and Ritik Banger. There was a total of 35 members who contributed to the drive and among them, ten were volunteers from different cities. We reached this initiative after facing the reality of India’s situation so we were determined to help people to defeat the problems like unverified leads, black marketing, scams, etc.

The main motive of this drive was to serve people by providing them Verified leads of resources like oxygen, beds, medicines, foods, etc., and contribute to making their lives somewhat easy in this Pandemic situation. So, the team started working on it by finding leads and verifying them through phone calls and messages. At the start of the drive we executed all the work through Whatsapp Group, later we divided the team into three categories which included as follows. the first was the Leads and verification category which was further divided into two subcategories, oxygen plus medicine, and bed, plasma, and food. These two subcategories handled unverified leads and verified them and the responsible members passed the verified leads to the second category which is the Database team who entered the day-to-day verified leads in the google sheets to keep a record of the data. This category worked as the backbone of the drive as it connected both the other two categories. The third was the Social media team which received requirements through social media and solved the queries through verified leads. These teams were formed as we were getting more requirements and to work smoothly.

The verified leads were posted on various social platforms through which it was easily available to people. We used different social platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, etc. to help people and providing them leads regarding their needs. With the efforts of the whole team, we helped more than 1,350 people through this drive directly through the various platforms. Talking about the reach our Twitter impressions have more than 10 Lakh views, more than 3000 energetic members on the telegram channel, and an excellent reach on telegram. Our work has also been supported by some gems of Indian society like Sir Sachin Pilot, Sir Manoj Bajpayee.

After one month of the drive, the requirements were reduced to a great extent as the number of covid cases reduced and resources were available to people easily, so we decided to put this drive to an end with a closing ceremony for the appreciation of our team members on 28 May 2021.


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