Dedicated To Serve The Society

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Build Networks

We Collaborate and build connections with various groups and firms who actively participate in social works and are dedicated to society’s welfare. And we also do support events organized for a good cause on a large scale. Building networks help us to manage huge events easily We believe that it’s always better to work together. We are able to develop and fulfill much broader visions by tapping into each other’s resources and expertise.


— We Strengthen

We work for society, and smiles which are lost behind situations and compulsions. We help them to strengthen their soul to live better lives. We go for sessions necessary for living a fruitful life, some of our motivational and some for safety purposes. We strengthen them for their current situation and motivate them to work for a better future.


— We Educate

We also work for the betterment of society by helping people to get education. We visit slums and orphanage to provide them primary education and prepare them to choose the right and wrong for themselves.


— We Provide Care

Rather that all the work we take care of people and it is our top most priority. We care for their life; we care for their health; we care for their feelings and many more.


— We Provide Resources

We provide resources to people, to live, to take care of themselves as well as of their family, we provide them food and clothes that brings smile on their faces. Also we provide warmth by putting a blanket on their shoulder.


— We Spread Happiness

We spread happiness too by supporting them mentally, by giving them love, care, trust and reason to smile.Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re the happiest.


The Sky Is Not Our Limit, It Is The Space To Be Filled With Their Smiles

The most important thing we care about is the welfare of society. We take care of the happiness of orphan and unprivileged children. Due to our efforts, the smile that comes on their faces satisfies our will and hearts, too; it also generates different energy in us. Our future is to benefit them, and we are constantly making efforts for them. We organize a lot of activities and programs for children and ensure that it will help them. 

The second thing that we keep in mind is that before conducting any action or event, we take care of the safety of children and people as the children and people present there is our responsibility. And we take great care of our accountability.

For Us Donating Doesn't Mean Helping, It Is Sharing Our Love

We at Helping Hands work hand in hand for the welfare of society. Each step of ours has great care about our community. And we had pledged to make our efforts count in the welfare of our society. 

We at Helping Hands care about our contribution to our country. We also organize activities to make our environment clean and healthy.

Our Endeavour, Their Empowerment

Our goals are as big as our will, and we always care that we can satisfy our choice and complete our plans for the welfare of people. 

This project was held on 11th October on the occasion of “INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY.” We went to a government school for bringing happiness to the faces of children and empowering women.

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Children
We conducted an event named “THE SHARED BIRTHDAY PROJECT.” In this event, we perform many activities for children who are orphans or who do not have enough resources and cannot celebrate their birthday, nor do they remember the date of their birthday.

We celebrate their birthdays by bringing all those children together under one roof. Every member of the Helping Hands tries to make all the children feel blessed and celebrate.
Bring A Life Back To Power. Make Blood Donation Your Responsibility

We conduct the other project every year on 5th September is “THE BLOOD DONATION CAMP.” This project helps the people who need blood in critical situations. 

We ensure that the donor is our responsibility too; his/her contribution completes our task. We give the donor a membership card through which the donor can help when he or she needs it.

Responsible Towards Nation

We are the responsible and aware citizens of our country. We must make our efforts count in our country’s welfare and peaceful environment, and we care about this very seriously. 

We at Helping Hands also took a step to make our contribution count in an event conducted from 31st January to 2nd February named “AU BANK JAIPUR MARATHON.”

We took active participation in this event to support” Swasth Rajasthan Nirogi Rajasthan” and help and motivate the runners who took part in the marathon. We always take care of our duties and responsibilities so that no one can get worried about anything.